Eros Ink: the move

NYC Independent Film Fest- Honorable Mention

Illinois International Film Fest- Best Romantic Feature


From the makers of R.P.G. and Raymond Did It comes a new, award-winning romantic comedy for the ages: Eros Ink.  Dawn is a Cupid-in-training whose only goal in the alfterlife is to earn her wings.  She loves her job until she comes across Elliott, her dorky new client who runs a bookshop but has big dreams of becoming a science-fiction novelist. Will she find him the love of his life before he gives up on her? Only the gods know in this heartfelt, quirky romantic comedy starring Leah Rae Brown.  Own it today!


A film by

Christopher E. Engler

Produced by

Tim Stotz & Wyatt Elliott

Based on a script by

Wyatt Elliott

Featuring the music of

Minus Six

Line Producer

Kelly Engler

Follow Your Heart